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Site safety visits are an integral part of our Health and Safety Management service and are carried out by experienced, professional Health and Safety Practitioners. Site safety visits are intended to fulfil three purposes:-


1. Ensure the management team is carrying out its duties with regard to Health and Safety.


2. Carry out a spot check of the site to identify hazards and health and safety issues. Check that site personnel are complying with health and safety procedures and that the general level of health and safety awareness is adequate.


3. Provide the site team with advice on safety-related issues and assistance in planning safe working methods for future work.




The site management team have got primary responsibility for health and safety on the site.  We check they are carrying out the duties entrusted to them.




We provide the extra pair of eyes to identify the hazards that others may have missed. A glimpse of the safety standards on site.




We don’t just point out the problems but assist with solutions and any other advice the site team may need.


Supporting the production team through monitoring site safety, providing solutions, offering advice and raising the importance of health and safety with employees and sub-contractors.   Further support is provided in the event of an accident or other incident on site.  Effective investigations are carried out to discover the cause of accidents.  Similarly assistance can be given when responding to communications from the HSE.


The time required to carry out an effective inspection varies depending upon the size of site and the activities being undertaken. Our Advisers recognise that Site Managers are often under pressure and endeavour to work with them to find solutions to problems and improve safety standards.

This department provides a number of services related to providing assistance in health and safety management and providing specialist advice with CDM compliance and the management of construction projects.


RG Wilbrey act as ‘CDM Consultant’ and help all duty holders comply with the requirements of Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. All our Consultants are directly employed experienced health and safety professionals who are experienced with the planning and preparation ahead of construction work commencing


EU research into casualties determined that 35% of construction accidents had their root cause in the design stage of the works. A further 28% were attributable to the planning and organisation stages. In short nearly two thirds of all construction accidents were considered attributable to poor design and planning.


Getting it right first time is the only option, getting it right early is the principle we must live by.


As CDM Consultants we are able to bring our expertise to the team as a whole and will be able to provide the link between construction projects and the design teams. RG Wilbrey is in the privileged position to represent both construction teams and clients alike and can bring our experiences to benefit others. We have a proven track record of being able to analyse and highlight trends, provide direction and eliminate bad practice.


Our expertise and knowledge within the health and safety sector has continually moved forward through investment, commitment, constant appraisal and consultation both internally, with our employees, and externally, with our clients. Ourᅠ team has, steadily increased in size and has been employed on ever more diverse projects, this has allowed ourᅠ knowledge to prosper and develop for the sole benefit of improving service delivery to our clients. Furthermore the year on year increase in work load has confirmed our clients’ satisfaction with our performance.

Management &

Technical Support

We detail below what we consider to be the key factors in creating this development:


1. Extensive knowledge of the building industry, the design function and our core health and safety resource.


2. Management of the contract with a team approach.


3. A full understanding of the sensitive environments in which work is carried out (e.g. education, social services, occupied buildings etc).


4. Employing directly employed personnel giving greater control.


5. The provision of and continual development of our workforce through training and CPD.


6. Utilisation of advanced reporting procedures.


7. Employing Consultants who have an understanding of programming requirements for contracts of varying sizes.


8. Providing dedicated points of contact.

Accident Prevention

& Investigation

We operate an accident hotline during normal working hours through which we can be notified of accidents.  Our trained staff gather all the necessary information from the site staff to ascertain whether the incident is notifiable and if so, by whom.  In the event of a notifiable incident we will complete the form 2508 on your behalf.


When the accident or incident requires investigation, our staff will notify the nearest Consultant and make arrangements for him to attend site. The more serious accidents need to be investigated more thoroughly.  All of our consultants are trained in accident investigation techniques and are able to carry out an impartial and accurate examination of the events leading up to and relating to an accident. The Head of Accident Investigation will undertake enquiries into those accidents he considers require his specialist skills.  Witness statements are taken together with photographs and copies of documents and, where necessary, re-constructions are carried out to try and determine the reasons for the accident.


Details of all accidents whether investigated or not are retained at our offices for at least 10 years. When visiting sites our advisors periodically check the accident book to ensure accidents are being reported to our office.  The growing number of work related accident claims as well as the requirements of RIDDOR have emphasised the importance of ensuring that the facts pertaining to all accidents are accurately recorded.


A principal part of our service to our clients has been the provision of training.

Our training department is an accredited CSkills Training Centre and has been long established as a recognised provider of good quality cost effective training in all Health and Safety related matters.


With our strong links to businesses operating in many sectors and we have been able to develop courses that are pertinent to their requirements and which we continue to review and improve.


We provide a wide range of training packages which includes industry recognised and accredited courses such as IOSH Directing and Managing Safely, UKATA asbestos awareness, CSkills SMSTS, SSSTS or bespoke courses ranging from classroom based safety awareness training to site based training, including soft fall systems, nets, use of disc cutters and face fit tests.  First Aid at Work and First Aid Appointed Person training can also be provided.


We are providing instruction for personnel at every level from directors and managers to labourers and skilled tradesmen. Many people are killed and injured each year in accidents at work and over one million people are injured and many more suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work.


Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work and training your employees provides them with the competence to carry out their work safely.


Providing health and safety training helps you to:


  1. Demonstrate Competence when trying to win contracts.
  2. Prevent your employees from being injured or made ill by the work they do;
  3. Develop a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone;
  4. Find out how you could manage health and safety better;
  5. Meet your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.


Our Consultants will be able to help you:


Identify the skills and knowledge needed for people to do their job in a safe and healthy way.


Compare these against people’s current skills and knowledge and identify the gaps.


  1. Review your experience of injuries, near misses or cases of ill health.
  2. Look at your risk assessments to see where information and/or training have been identified as factors in controlling risks.
  3. Consult employees or their representatives for their views.
  4. Consider awareness training needs for directors, managers and supervisors, including:


  • how you manage health and safety;
  • who is responsible for what;
  • the cost to the business if things go wrong;
  • how to identify hazards and evaluate risks; and
  • the hazards encountered and measures for controlling them.

5. When this is carried out you will be able to identify your training needs and how we can help you most effectively.



Our consultants are supported by a dedicated team of administrative staff and provide our clients with immediate assistance with their Health and Safety requirements.


They are able to provide assistance with accounts advice, policies, procedures, method statements and assessments, CDM support, fire risk assessments, ground-worker packs, accident reporting and investigation, training and  F10 notification.


In their support role our administration staff can schedule meetings on behalf of the consultants and manage your documentation whether this is providing an updated version or arranging a review of the existing systems.


Where necessary our Administration Staff can be an extension of your own health and safety department providing the support needed for today’s hectic business environment. Whether a risk assessment is needed on site or a lost report needs replacing our staff are happy to help.

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